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Date:2007-09-21 18:42
Subject:moving away...

sniffle... sorry all, but I have been drawn by the cheap and easy photo use and stuff of another blogging site. I will continue to come back here from time to time to check in one everyone! (At least as much as I have been, which is not much, so sorry again!)


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Date:2007-02-08 12:00
Subject:Physical therapy...
Mood: stressed

This morning I went to my first appointment with the physical therapist/chiro and to be honest I don't feel that great about it. He checked me out, did some ultrasound and deep tissue stimulation on my shoulder, but said that he couldn't check my joint mobility b/c there was so much inflamation of the surrounding muscles, etc. He said it was presenting like a car accident injury! Yeah. great. The thing is, I have no real "injury" that led to this. I am concerned that I keep getting these weird muscle strain injuries/joint things with no apparent cause and never really recover. I have learned to pretty much live with my lower back pain, but if there is neck stuff too I don't know how to deal with it. Last time I saw a chiro for several months and went through excruciating adjustments and excercises to no avail, all that helped was rest, and it still didn't heal per say. I suppose I will look for a recomendation to a rheumatologist (?) or something and see if there is something chronicly wrong. I think the worst part is that it is so painful to do moment to moment stuff with Sophie that I really zone out trying to just be still and uninvolved, jumping up only if she is getting into something she shouldn't, and then overreacting b/c the shooting pain from that movement make me shout more than I mean to.
blech. I am supposed to ice my shoulder as much as possible today (like it isn't cold enough?! ick...) and go back tommorow with (hopefully) more mobility so he can start me on actuall "therapy". (I guess excercises and stretches?)
I guess I'll make some notes to talk to him about tommorow so I don't get sidetracked again...

After my appointment James had his latest tumor marker blood test, so hopefully we'll have good news in a couple days!

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Date:2006-11-23 00:49
Subject:in the news...
Mood: happy

Well, the last few days have been extra busy, but I have some fun articles and pictures to show for it!
We attended a nurse in at BWI to bring attention to Delta's rediculous training policy for flight attendants regarding nursing mothers. Apparently a flight attendant was offended by a woman nursing her child (after a 3 hour delay who wouldn't need some comforting?) in a discrete manner (not that it matters!!)and actually threw the whole family off the plane. Unfortunately a similar incident occured a year or two ago and they have not changed their training. This kind of thing has occured with other carriers, so we thought it would be good to have a little awareness rally showing how nursing is normal, natural, and even to the benifit of the other passengers. Nursing equalizes the pressure in a baby's ears during take off and landing, and calms them in uncomfortable situations, like being stuck on an airplane. But apparently to some people it is much more acceptable to have a screaching child than to have to possibly avert their eyes from a mother breastfeeding.
I havce much more to say about this but it is late and I have to cook in the morning.
Here is the article and photo in the washington post!


There were also video clips on wbal11 andwjz, and some others. Also my friend lorrie was on the oreilly factor last night, but with another host. It wasn't that great an interview, but even so the opposition was SOOOO lame that we feel pretty great about the outcome.

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Date:2006-09-30 21:36
Subject:website up!
Mood: ecstatic

Today James finished the website! Woot! We are a small business!
*shuffles off to take more pictures and write content...*

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Date:2006-08-25 19:22
Subject:Rumours of my death have been greatly exagerated

Sooooooo.... Sophia is 9 and a half months old, walking, talking (sort of) and a nursing champ! We got off to a rough start, but things are going really well now and I can't believe how quickly time has gone by. James finished his masters degree, and I am working on getting an online attachment parenting store going. (www.apbabies.com) I have SO much to say and write about the past year, Sophia's birth, how different I feel about being a mom, parenting, etc, but I won't try to get it all down now. I am going to be online now much more frquently than in the past year, so perhaps in drips and drabs it will all come out. Hope everyone is doing great,

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Date:2005-12-17 11:40
Subject:baby photos from thanksgiving...

I have a lot of other pictures that we took ourselves, but for now these are the only ones available online... Elliot took them at Thanksgiving.

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Date:2005-07-19 12:21

It has been brought to my attention that I have not updated in some time, so I will be making as comprehensive an update as possible now.
James got exceptionally good scores on his gre (as previously mentioned) including a perfect 6 on the written portion. (yey James!) And was, as a result, accepted to both GW and Hopkins. He was supposed to decide which one he was going to on friday, but, well. It is James we are talking about here, so he arranged to have a little more time. I think he is leaning toward Hopkins (much less of a commute), but the thesis at GW actually had course numbers attatched to project research, which is important b/c he only gets time off from work for course work. We shall see.

There seems to be a very realistic chance that we will be movinng to Japan at the end of next year, YEY!!! (Or possibly England, but hopefully Japan) I am really looking forward to it. I have a bunch of literature re: public transport and bullet trains, etc. We would most likely be in Yakota, which is 1 hr by normal train from Tokyo, and 1 hour by bullet train from Okinawa. (I think...) SO, very exciting. (Oh, and did I mention that we can send the infant (well, toddler) to Japanese school for not too outrageous a sum, and have it learn lots and lots and be very cool? I am so disgusted by parenting in this area, probably most of the country actually, that it is really encouraging to think our kid will not be subjected to screaming brats everywhere, but instead be immersed in a culture that emphasizes respect and quiet and other generally awsome qualities.

I am looking into tablet/laptops at the moment and we are getting rid of most of the crap on my current laptop so James can use it for school. Any thoughts on tablets? We saw one for about a $1000, but it was not very pressure sensitive, and James says that is important. hmmm. He also said I could look into a used wacom tablet (that has a lot of pressure sensitivity) if I plan on using the stylus set up for art stuff. Am kind of weirded out by the whole drawing in one place and having the feedback appear on a completely different area. I wish I could try one out for a bit before spending the cash.

The puppies have been rather naughty lately. They have decided that no matter how vehemently James shoves them, or how excruciatingly hot and humid it is, our bed is in fact, their bed. This is making it hard to get a good nights sleep, and I have been napping a lot during the day. (another part of the reason I have been so busy with stuff besides LJ)

The "mabey/possibly/could be" kicks and movement that started 6 weeks ago are now, very definate kicks/moving that could be felt externally if it was remotely possible to anticipate where it was going to happen. They are still extremely randomly placed and dont continue in the same area more than once or twice over a split second. So, James still hasn't felt any yet. I went to the appointment w/midwife (in a doctor's office, ick...) that I expected to result in an ultrasouns, but (as expected with a decent midwife) she did not see a need to have the ultrasound for a medical reasin, it is not one of her "required" things, so I am skipping it. It seems we will just have to wait until November to see if Benjamin is in fact Benjamin, and not Alexandra or Sophia. Although, he could also end up a James, we are still discussing how we would deal with the confusion of Dad James vs. Baby James getting called from accross the house, etc...

After finding 2 excellent strollers that were reasonably attractive and had features such as easy folding, etc... And having both of them be discontinued/not available/"it's not in the computer", we successfully purchased a stroller/carseat set that is attractive, lightweight, very highly rated (safty/satisfaction) and has all kinds of rediculous bells and whistles that are expected on high end strolers these days,(that we would NEVER pay for) on a huge more than %50 off sale, so, for $114, we now have an infant carseat and base (good till 22 pounds, then we have to get a proper carseat) that we had planned on getting (another brand, not quite as posh) for $70, and a stroller that had all the features we wanted (including height adjustable handlebar for tall dads) and then some, which goes for $150-ish. Different stores apparently rip you off more or less depending on just how gullible you look, or something. Anyway, pretty damn pleased with ourselves.

James is researching possible car purchases as well... I am totally appalled at my new knowledge of suv's and minivans. I really thought that is it was classified as an suv it was inneficient, and generally evil conspicuous consumption, but, apparently, people don't drive station wagons anymore, and now the buy "compact suv's" that look like wagons, but bigger and more obnoxious. And forget about decent gas mileage. One of the very very few real wagins on the market actually gets worse mileage than the same brand's compact suv!!! Which is not far off their minivan's mpg. blech. I am really really tempted to just say fuck it and if the kid gets stepped on by puppies while they all share the back seat of my civic it'll just have to deal with it. I mean, it probably won't actully die, right? The pups are only 70 pounds.... Their claws arn't actually *sharp* even, they are more like, blunt stabbing tools, like forks, y'know? sigh. So, yeah, it looks like we probably will end up getting a bigger car at some point, I just really really really wanted to NOT be one of those mom/houswifes who drive deplorable vehicles and assume that since they are bigger than the little cars they don't have to know how to drive... (I deal with them EVERY day people. It is bad.) I think James is leaning toward the minivan option, but I am not really sure why, I mean, they are more roomy, and hold their value, etc... but, I don't think the puppies actually need their own seat, just an area behind the back seat, but then we cant put other stuff in the trunk with them (in the station wagon model)... gah! I don't know. Also he says in a van there is more room for hybrid batteries and so forth in the cargo area, but I think it will be more expensive to get that stuff put in then we will save in gas...

That is pretty much whats been going on, oh yeah, Half blood prince was MUCH better than order of the phoenix. Later people.

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Date:2005-05-31 01:28
Subject:"Yumm-o" ala, rachel ray
Mood: amused

So, James is cuddling Richard and calls Melrose up onto the bed to join them, which he does. Melrose then proceeds to engage in some unfortunate grooming activities involving Richard's nether regions. James: "Is that some tasty ass Melrose? Is it?"
Melrose: (in james's voice) "YUMMmmm-oh!"
God I really like to mock rachel ray...

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Date:2005-05-24 21:37

Someone in a breastfeeding community online had a pic of their 3 week old kid in one of these. James likes the "watch your fuckin' mouth around the baby" one... In other news, we are picking up a "boppy" pillow off trading tommorow, it is essentially a plush toilet seat shape, which will theoretically help support the baby in a comfy position during breastfeeding. I am hoping it also works as a neck pillow. And if nothing else I guess we have a $10 plush toilet seat. What else.... The fur babies seem to be having some sort of manic personality disorder where they spend most of the time being sweetness and light, and then a few hours most days being INSANE and trying to KILL each other, or at least take off an ear or leg. yikes. well, that all for now, off to go play generals...

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Date:2005-05-24 19:37
Subject:GRE's, etc...

So James took the GRE on Monday, and he did AWSOME! He got 790 on the math and 660 on verbal, but that was to be expected. There were some really silly questions on reading comprehension and vocab "this is to that" as "blank" is to "the other" that we looked at in the review book and I doubt that the programs he applied to will care too much about that section. He thinks he did well on the essay, but they take a while to score it so he'll fnd out later. Of course now he can be all "I told you so" and stuff about how he was playing video games instead of studying for "relaxation" ... arg. I really hope the baby takes after him, but I have to figure out some way of preventing the constant video gaming from overtaking reading and stuff. hmmm.

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Date:2005-05-18 23:57
Subject:Freaking aunts "prego" card....
Mood: cranky

So I get a card from my aunt Lin, Read more...Collapse )

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Date:2005-05-18 15:14
Subject:holy crap I just slept a long time....

Good grief, I think just woke up after sleeping 15 hours. Read more...Collapse )

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Date:2005-05-17 16:09
Subject:can dudes have a "nesting" instinct?
Mood: determined

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Date:2005-05-16 12:10
Mood: contemplative

I was reading product reviews on amazon for some glider rockers from babies r us... Lets just say, it doesn't look good. The one we had planned on picking up was in the $150 range, but it basically rated 1 start reviews, except from 2 pregnant chicks who hadn't had to actually use it yet... (theirs were like, "OMG, this is soooo comfy! 5 stars"!) Everyone who waited to review it until they had been using it daily for 3 months to a year were saying that it fell apart, a couple mentioned metal shavings from screws wearing down, etc...
So, just to see, we looked at the ones in the $500 range, and they were almost as bad. Even the structural problems sounded pretty much the same. So, I looked at some easy chair looking type things that also rocked, and they sounded pretty good, except they wer over $300, and all the reviews (including the really good ones) mention that if you are really tall (not a problem I have, sigh...) they are not very comfortable. James (who does have this "problem") doesn't like the sound of that one bit, so, now what? Anyone have a brand of rocker/glider thay have liked a lot? Ikea does not have a single one in the store. James did find a chair that was only supported by the front legs, so he was able to "rock" it by boucing a bit, but it didn't look too safe... Is a rocker over-hyped? Does one really get a lot of use out of it with a baby? hmmmmm....

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Date:2005-05-15 20:05
Subject:get out of my belly?!
Mood: exhausted

This afternoon we had lunch with Nicky and Sean (busbeytheelder) at the red hot & blue in annapolis. It was much better than the one in laurel, which is awsome, b/c up until now if I wanted to go out for ribs that was the best bet, and, as we should all know, laurel is a cesspit.
During lunch sean brought up someone's journal that he had been reading, he described it as photos of food, which is then ingested by the writer of the journal. It is called "get in my belly". He then suggested that I make some sort of specifcally prgnancy related journal of a similar nature, (I guess psychological warfare focused at the fetus with the intent of convincing it to leave?) and call it "get out of my belly", or perhaps, "get outta mah belly". In any case, I will think about it, but I suspect it would require more effort than I currently have the energy to deal with, because, see, I have this thing in my belly.
Lets see, also during lunch Nicky tried a joke, that didn't seem to work out quite the way he meant it to...
N: Whats the difference between a brand new ferrari and 8 dead hookers?
Me: ummmmm... several thousand dollars?
S: hehe, and a pile of cocaine...
N: NO, I don't have a ferrari burried in my backyard.
Me: ok. I guess.
Sean: How about, you wouldn't ejaculate in a new ferrari?
Keep trying Nicky, keep trying.
lets see, we also had a frustrating "discussion" (read argument) with James about his idea that the likelyhood of our baby being taken our of a car left at a gas pump while he goes to the bathroom/purchases something inside is so incredibly unlikely that it is ok to leave it there. I am NOT being crazy here, I know it, but it was nice to have Sean and Nicky to remind me that no matter hwat James says I am not being "hormonal" or otherwise psycho about this. Actually, I havn't been acting "crazy" at all, but now that he has a convenient "reason" to dismiss anything I disagree with him about I am having an EVEN more difficult time reasoning with him. God he can be a dick.
Anyway, after lunch Nicky went to move his stuff in, Sean had to paint, and we went to ikea. The plan was to check out their cribs just in case it doesn't work out with his Aunt sending us hers. Their cribs suck. Lots. But, their toys (which I had never bothered to look at before) are freaking AWSOME. ALl kinds of brio train knowoffs, wooden and magnetice crain and trains, blocks, swings, mini furniture, stuffed animals, etc... So, we purchased the first baby stuff that isn't books or a sleeping apparatus, and now we have a small collection of completely adorable stuffed animals. There is the tremendous and slightly scary dragon (we need some scary dragon stories to tell where he can be a prop) a small grey sheep, a larger than infant size teddy bear, and a medium very soft golden lab.
Did you know they sell sets of mini pots and pans, that ACTUALLY work!! You can cook a mini pot of soup for lunch! And all of the toys are like $5, except for the really massive things like swings and furniture, which is like $6. So, anyway, way cool. Plus we found a nice folding table for the kitchen/outside that we can use for dinner away from the puppy stink! Rock out!
ok, have to let James use his pc for games, and possibly to respond to Sean's post... Later!

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Date:2005-05-12 09:41
Mood: hot

I clearly was not focusing on sherri enough over the past couple days. (Damn James and his distracting me with being really nice lately!)
I have recieved a 3d ultrasound photo in an email. It is a boy.
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Date:2005-05-11 16:09
Mood: energetic

ok, so I met up with James and we went to the vietnamese place for lunch, I of course ordering the ususal lunch special including 2 spring rolls, but thought I would try the stewed beef for a change, and let me just say, ick. Ok, ok, I know, I am going through a weird eating thing, but seriously, the beef was very tough (I really like cooking tough cuts myself, but I let them braise long enough to where you needn't continue to chew for a full 5 min/per bite.) and the taste of ginger was overpowering. James loved it. He just tipped my plate into his awsomely giant bowl of Pho and kept on munching. Luckily I was full pretty quickly with spring rolls and rice, which where not quite up to the thai ones at bangkok kitchen, but still good when served with the excellent dipping sauce they always come with. I then decided this roullette game of finding decent roast beef and spring rolls (being thwarted at every turn by trafic and water main breaks and store closings, do you realize I was actually forced to drive to LAUREL, shudder, the other day to find an open arbys for my sandwich? My god, I really need a fix, but still, how low will I be forced to go?) was getting way old, and took decisive action, I purchase some top quality (hopefully) roast beef to keep in the deli drawer, and looked for frozen spring rolls. Unfortunately I was not confidant in the quality of any of any said frozen spring rolls, so tommorow I will go hunting again at a different series of stores. At least I have beef downstairs. mmmmmmmm... I really really hope it is awsome. It is a little over done, I mean, I really particularly love the pink stuff and it wasn't bloody at all as far as I could tell, but we'll see. hey, mabey I should go have some now, y'know, just to see...

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Date:2005-05-11 12:44
Mood: hungry

Is it weird that I am totally peeved at arbys for not having spring rolls? I mean, what more perfect meal than a freaking ton of spring rolls and a hunk of roast beef? Have to go get spring rolls.... see ya.

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Date:2005-05-09 01:25
Subject:somewhat bitchy post re: m-day and sister in law...
Mood: bitchy

So we went up to James's parents for mother's day. Broke the news to Matt and Sherry re: infant news, and they totally had NO reaction. They just said "ok" or something. I don't know what I expected, I guess mabey a little "no way! You'r kidding, blah blah" or something. hmm. Then Sherry was totally weird and started with the "so, hows your back feeling" and I respond that it has been bothering me a bit but I am trying to keep my posture good and that seems to help, so she starts with the "just wait a few weeks"... like she is going to get a kick watching me revert to my spasming christmas self that year I was up there for a week at the holidays... And oh yeah, since when is it appropriate to ask a 5 year old (who, I would like to add, was told of his impending sibling in the car ride over to the house for dinner) what he thought aunt becka should have (b/g) (also, I am totally having the kid call her aunt "fill in nickname she doesn't like" and tell her she is stuck with it, or something equally as irritating and my own invention. ok, perhaps this is a bit over the top, but I kind of resentting being told that I was being called such and such and that was the way it is, so there, how much more passive aggressive can I be?) who constantly needs to be the center of EVERYONE's attention and randomly says, "girl" for clearly no reason, the kid has had 20 minutes to digest the "mommie's having a baby" news previous to this, and has since then fluctuated several times re: wheter he wants a brother or a sister, but now his proclamation is etched or something, and I get the hot pink maternity shirts in my gift box while Sherry gets the pretty blue ones. grrrrrrrrr. I think Sherry is finding out the sex on wednesday, so, finger's crossed it will be a girl and can be called "cheyanne" yes, as in, the city, or a country music star. (I really didn't wish that on her until now, I just wanted her to have whatever she wanted and for me to do the same, or at least not have to deal with being told I "should" have one or the other, so I can deal with my own feelings on the subject of having a girl if the whole "boy thought wave/ old wive's tales" don't work out, and not have yet another issue she could one-up me with, but she totally brought this on herself. Whatever power my angsty thoughts may have on making her schrodinger's baby female are totally aimed in her direction. )AM totally making an exchange trip tommorow. (assuming my back is not fucking debilitating, apparently stress makes it worse, whod'a thunk?)
On the up side, it was nice to spend some time with Jim and Margie, they seemed much more relaxed about the whole "being over-run with grand babies" issue and it was very nice over-all. We had a nice dinner prepared by Jim and Matt and James, and the shirts are really very cool, except for the whole color thing, and there is a gift reciept in the box. Oooooh, also, James's aunt/god-mother called while we were there and he told her the news and she said that she would send us a basically brand new (was bought for her grand kids to visit, which only happened 4 or 5 times) posh Italian crib with peter rabbit paraphanalia (which I actually commented to James a few weeks ago on as one of the few really tasteful and nice nursery themes) and we are set for the big ticket item I was so stressed out about! Hurrah!
ok, so in closing, it was a nice weekend, except for sherry's creepy competitiveness (which is nothing new, so I guess no big deal) and we told some more relatives and we have a crib, so cool.

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Date:2005-05-01 20:32
Mood: optimistic

Really really long post updating on past 3 months...
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